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I firmly believe before investing in anything, we should invest in ourselves first. Knowledge is power. Once we know how to invest, the subsequent investment should be easier. However, I am surprised to see the majority of us are still missing that point.


I once ran into a friend in college. He invests in the market part time. He made money in the 90’s but gave back 90% of his portfolio at the time of our conversation. When he found out what I do for a living, he aggressively asked me what stock he should buy. He was asking me the what question but neglecting the when and how questions. To me, it is like asking where the gas pedal is, hop in the car and then drive to the freeway without learning how to maneuver the car and understand the driving rules. Accident can easily happen that way. When I told him he should learn how to trade the market first, he told me he does not want to learn how to fish; he just wants me to give him the fish. My friend is a smart man with a doctor degree but I think he lacks common sense and logical thinking. With just a fraction of what he had lost; he can easily learn how to trade the market profitably. However, he does not see the point. He wants to get rich overnight. He wants to hit home run after home run which I believe is an extremely hard goal to achieve, not to mention it is impractical.


Most people I met always asked me what stock to buy. Only a few asked me how to trade the market. Among those who asked me how to trade, only two committed to pay for their education. The rest ran away after finding out how much they have to pay. I don’t blame them. I myself almost ran away after learning the price of the education, too. Mr. Robert T. Kiyosaki said it fair and square in his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book: He never met a single millionaire who has never lost money; however, he met many middle class people who have never lost a dime investing.


When I look back at my relationship with Investools, I feel happy and I am glad I joined the Investools training program. The most difficult decision I had to make was the decision to pay for the 2-day stock seminar in February 2005. Once that decision was made, the rest was easy for me. Attending the stock seminar set a solid foundation for my trading career. If I decided to “save” money and did not pay for the stock seminar, I am probably still trading blind today. I believe money well spent today will be money well earned tomorrow. I am glad I spent my money well in 2005.


Going through the Investools training programs, I find out I do not have to be smart to make money in this market. All I need is positive attitude and common sense. One thing I want to point out is success is not “automatic” after joining Investools training program. The only thing “automatic” is the tuition we pay the company. It is up to the individual to apply what he/she learns from the program. If I have a choice of being a smart person or just an average individual with common sense and logical thinking, I will choose the latter. I personally think smart people invent good product and it is up to us to make the best use of the invention.


I remember when I first came home with the Investools suitcase containing the 2-day stock seminar materials, I told my wife that was the most expensive suitcase I had ever paid. Now, looking at the same suitcase, I tell myself that is the cheapest suitcase I have ever got. I practically got it for free.


The purpose of this series is definitely not to do marketing for Investools Inc. It certainly does not imply trading the stock market is risk free and always profitable. It simply tells my personal story with Investools. Investools training program transfers me from a casual stock trader to a serious option trader. It also helps me to make trading my business, not my hobby.


Thanks for reading my story. To close this series, I like to borrow a quotation I saw during one of my live seminars with Investools:







Dennis Phan   家墉

Khai Minh, UCLA & Investools Alumni

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., 18 June 2007





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